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LoRaWAN is the leading LPWAN for creating IoT solutions on a massive scale. In the past 5 years we have seen the deployment of LoRaWAN devices, networks, and gateways across the globe and in numerous industries. The following case studies showcase LoRa Alliance member companies' LoRaWAN scaled solutions.

Scale is defined differently in each case study depending upon the company's place in the LoRaWAN value chain; it could be 10,000 sensors, 1600 square miles, or 50 gateway towers. LoRaWAN has been implemented at scale in cities, across countries, for smart irrigation and smart metering, to monitor air quality in thousands of schools, and to track data across multi-site businesses.

These 2022 case studies below are a small sampling of the amazing work accomplished by our members, using LoRaWAN to improve the lives of people and create sustainable solutions for businesses. As you read, you will likely find solutions that relate to your business need. Please reach out to our members with questions; their contact information is included in each case study.

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Asset Tracking and Workforce Safety in Saudi Arabia for the Red Sea Giga Project

The Red Sea Development Company (TRSDC), the developer behind the world’s most ambitious regenerative tourism project, is implementing an extensive IoT safety solution for its construction workforce and fleet of vehicles at its site on the west coast of Saudi Arabia. The solution uses LoRaWAN® network infrastructure provided by Actility, a global leader in IoT connectivity solutions, and smart wearable technology and wireless tagging solutions from Abeeway, an Actility subsidiary specialized in low-power geolocation.


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Urbana IoT Platform Manages Public Lighting System for Sicilian Municipalities using a LoRaWAN® Network

The challenge was to install a technological system for public lighting with an extension of dozens of square kilometers, in the province of Palermo, made up of unevenness between hilly and flat areas and hundreds of light points to be constantly monitored.


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Talkpool Sensors Utilize LoRaWAN® Connectivity through Netmore to Provide Building Damage Prevention solutions

Expensive building damages can be prevented by installing sensor devices that send an alarm notification when moisture damages are detected, for example due to ventilation problems or water leakages.

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EverSmart Clean: A Cleaning Revolution

A large US-based Facilities Management (FM) company sought a technology solution to increase cleaning and maintenance capacity amid the tight labor market created by COVID-19. EverSmart Clean, Microshare’s data-driven cleaning product, met the challenge. With real-time activity data, alerts and scoring, the FM giant has netted a 15% to 30% productivity improvement.


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GreenField Direct Introduces State-of-the-art Leak Protection System: PipeBurst Pro 5 

GreenField Direct launches new PipeBurst Pro 5 leak protection system, powered by LoRaWAN technology. PipeBurst Pro 5 is installed in everything from residential homes, to commercial complexes, to luxury high rises.

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Milesight Implements Smart Building Solution in Canada to Optimize Energy Efficiency and Indoor Air Quality

With Peak Insight, Milesight LoRaWAN® sensors and gateways involved play a pivotal role in monitoring, reporting, and alerts in Canada smart building.

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The Things Industries and Connexin to Deploy LoRaWAN® Smart City Project Across Coventry and Warwickshire

TTN, in partnership with Connexin, is taking smart city projects in Coventry and Warwickshire to the next level with a large scale smart metering deployment of 150K smart water meters. LoRaWAN is the right technology for this solution because of its sustainable indoor and outdoor penetration, secure data transmission, fast installation, and because it can work in areas with existing anchor tenants.


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LoRaWAN® Partners Unite to Solve Parking Problems in The City of Huntington

Utilizing LoRaWAN enables the City of Huntington Park to most cost-effectively connect a large number of parking space IoT sensors to the cloud compared to other technologies.In addition, the now established LoRaWAN network allows additional services to easily be added to the network in the future so the city can increase services for residents/visitors and reduce city operating costs.

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Global Associates Uses Renesas SmartServer™ IoT to Integrate LoRaWAN® and BMS for Powerful On-premises Data Access and Control

The winning combination of the SmartServer IoT with embedded IoT Access Protocol (IAP), running LoRaWAN services and connecting to LoRaWAN sensors, offers a powerful solution that scales across multiple sites.

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47,000 IAQ Sensors Create a Healthier Learning Environment in Canadian Schools

The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated the importance of continuously monitoring indoor air quality, especially in schools. The success of two pilot programs that used LoRaWAN technology enabled the Ministère de l’Éducation du Québec to elect to deploy and install air quality and comfort parameters sensors in more than 47,000 classrooms across the province. 

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Cellnex Deploys LoRaWAN Networks with Global Omnium

By deploying LoRaWAN networks in municipalities for water related services, Cellnex provides a scalable and easy-to-deploy network infrastructure which adapts to the connectivity requirements of the client and the network server backend to manage connections. This enables its clients to focused on managing the Integrated Water Cycle and delivering the best service to their customers, such as cities and municipalities.

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CRA and TEKTELIC Build LoRaWAN® Network Coverage Across Czech Republic

CRA is successfully building the nationwide coverage network based on LoRaWAN® technology in the Czech Republic. CRA chose the TEKTELIC KONA Macro Gateway for the nationwide deployment as it is an ideal solution that require a very scalable LoRaWAN® gateway that minimizes network TCO while improving coverage and capacity.

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Talkpool Sensors Utilize LoRaWAN® Connectivity through TEKTELIC Gateways to Provide Superior IAQ and HVAC Optimization

Talkpool’s solution connects LoRaWAN® CO2 meters via TEKTELIC Gateways to any existing Building Management System (BMS) via the web. The data from the BMS is combined with external data, such as weather forecasts, and fed into an AI system.

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Improve Productivity, Reduce Waste, Save Time: Real-Time Irrigation Control

Control water use remotely from your device to make changes whenever and wherever you need to. Develop more efficient scheduling and reduce unnecessary watering.

This solution from IoT Ventures demonstrates long-range precision irrigation for agriculture.

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Unlocking Innovation in Tampa, Florida with Expansive Senet Public LoRaWAN Network Coverage

With the completion of its public LoRaWAN network across the Tampa Bay metro area, Senet’s network covers over 1,600 square miles throughout Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties, including the cities of Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg

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